Meet the Team


Philip Lawry – Founder  / Sales Manager

Phil started his printing business from 1981 after purchasing a hobby business from a retired pharmacist friend.  He taught himself the complexities of printing and has evolved the business from a trade based business to a customer focused business providing branded solutions. Phil's continued success is customer service with many remaining loyal clients since the early 80's.
Ph: 0800 26 26 22 ext 203 Email
Alvin Lawry – Managing Director

Starting as a printing apprentice at the family printing business and completing other business studies, Alvin has grown into the role of developing the Business and overseeing all operations.  He has travelled to Europe and Asia to collect the best promotional products from around the world to bring to his clients.
Alvin finds it relaxing to create custom solutions that our clients love.
Ph: 0800 26 26 22 est 205 Email

Amanda Hall – Production Manager

Known as our customer service star, Amanda’s experience working at Konica Minolta in Auckland has given her a high standard of customer service. Coming from a family with a background in Sales, Amanda has bought her skills to assist in her varied role in Sales & Marketing. Amanda is proactive and dependable and gets what needs to be done.
Ph: 0800 26 26 22 ext 202 Email

Shane Lawry –  Account Manager

Shane’s comprehensive knowledge of products is unbeatable.  He likes new ideas and enjoys providing customers one-stop-solutions from ideas to completed products.  His friendly approach, patience and attention to detail means he excels in customer service and account management.
Ph: 0800 26 26 22 ext 204 Email

Tania Fechney – Executive Assistant

Tania is responsible for supporting the sales team to achieve their goals, She comes from an advertising background and attained top results in Professional Office Management qualifications. Tania conscientiously delivers speedy responses earning positive feedback from customers.

Ph: 0800 26 26 22 ext 206 Email


Eartha Scott – Internal Sales

Coming from a background in sports retail, Eartha brings to the team her sports knowledge. Earthas competitiveness is shown throughout herdaily tasks include supporting the sales team whilst being responsible for internal sales. Eartha prides herself on her ability to follow through clients and providing quick deliveries on requested information. 

Ph: 0800 26 26 22 ext 208 Email


Raewyn Edwards – Executive Assistant

Raewyn has built on a background in customer service and recruitment to grow her knowledge of promotional products and become very capable in her sales support role. She combines the attributes of being a quick learner, with established skills in customer care and service (as evidenced by the strength and warmth of her phone and email communications). Experienced in recruitment and staff performance, Raewyn knows what it takes to be a highly performing team member. Always eager to help and suggest ideas or possibilities, Raewyn takes exceptional care of her clients and client relationships.  With her customer focus, and solutions focused approach, Raewyn is receiving great feedback on the high standard of her interactions with clients.


Ph: 0800 26 26 22 ext 201 Email