Beer related branded merchandise

If you’re giving out beer to your trade customers as a gesture at the end of the year, it can get consumed very fast! Let the euphoric effect continue and tie it to your brand by including some related branded merchandise.

It is easier and smarter to distribute beer cold if it is packed into a cooler bag (the cooler bag can double as a lunch bag for ongoing exposure). Other successful products to target this market are Can coolers or Stubby Holders, Munich beer glasses and Bottle openers.

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With over 25 beer festivals nationwide, you might be attending or sponsoring a local beer festival… Or you have a staff function or trade BBQ!

Try these Bottle opener sunglasses, cowboy hats or bright and fun caps and tees to evoke a team spirit.

Branded bar accessories like bar counter mats, aprons, coasters, speed bottle openers, ice buckets and our wide range of glassware such as pilsner glasses, pint glasses, pitchers are a perfect way to keep your brand in the social circle.

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Bottle opener key chains and key rings can be customised like below – contact us to create your unique design.

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