How can Eco-Friendly Promotional Products Elevate Your Brand?

Almost every conceivable promotional product now has a ‘green’ alternative. New Zealand consumers are making purchasing decisions about which products they consume and which brands they support based on how ‘green’ they are.

Consumers are even willing to pay a little more for items on the basis that they’re buying a product that has been ethically sourced, meaning promotional products that are Eco-friendly have a higher perceived value. Here’s an opportunity for company brands to get this point of difference from their competitors and take advantage of this ‘green’ movement.

Check out our blog on Ethically Sourced promotional products for more information on this. The Eco choices you make with branded merchandise decisions can elevate your brand and let your customers and employees alike be drawn to the green initiatives your company is are undertaking.

Taking up social responsibility in the community you sell in is the first step to building up trust and reliability for your brand.

Eco-friendly products are both good for the environment and safer for consumers! They are the smart choice for companies everywhere. Opting for Eco-friendly promotional products not only keeps New Zealand clean but allows you to show your clients that you care for the environment and are taking up your social responsibility. These products are re-used by consumers over and over so the coverage they will give your brand is astounding!

The most popular Eco Promo product selling out at the moment is the Reusable bag. Getting branded reusable bags for your company sends a message out to the world that you are doing your bit to help keep our planet clean.

Countdown was the most recent supermarket in NZ to announce a move away from single-use plastic carrier bags by the end of 2018. This grew awareness for the plastic bag problem that we have in New Zealand and now the trend to save our environment is catching on fast and growing in more than the bag direction. There’s also Eco-friendly Stationary, Drinkware, Balloons and more…show your customers that you are taking action to keep the planet beautiful as well, by getting branded eco-friendly promotional products that will be useful to your target market.

As you become more ‘green’ in your marketing strategies the brand endorsements increases, you get more brand ambassadors when you show your care for the environment in this way.

Doing this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality promotional products. The increasing interest in eco-friendly giveaways means there are more options than ever before. There are even specialty items that can encourage your guests to follow green practices long after receiving your product.

What to do next? Finding your Eco-friendly promotional product fit…

Finding an audience-relevant, environmentally friendly, green, recyclable product made from renewable materials may sound difficult, but at Active Print & Promotion we are here to make it easy.

If you’re looking to go green but need to shortcut the selection down to the ones that are applicable to your audience and your brand personality, we have you covered and can steer you in the right direction. Active Print has the keys to providing successful products that are kind to the planet, gentle on your budget and sure to impress your recipients.