Managing Inventory of Your Print & Promotional Items

Have you got branches, different offices or cost departments?

Tired of counting key rings, finding sizes and packing parcels?

Hard to keep track of it all and allocate costs to the right department or campaign?

Is there conflict between the field team and corporate marketing department?

We have heard all of these stories and more, like the organization who had to employ a full time person to manage their promotional store room and things still went missing, or the national company whose sales team couldn’t get any promotional products out of head office so each ordered their own products and the quality, consistency and brand suffered.

The relationship between the corporate marketing department and the branches or field reps can be frustrating and adversarial. The field team decides to fly under the radar and doesn’t let marketing know what merchandise they are creating. While corporate marketing is responsible for managing the overall costs and upholding the integrity of the brand, they don’t have time to deal with multiple requests for branded merchandise coming from the field.

Typically with promotional products, waste occurs when:

  • Items are forgotten, misplaced or ‘lost’
  • Items windup unused due to ordering too much for a single location
  • The products chosen don’t suit your brand style doing damage to your brand
  • Items windup being destroyed due to poor storage practices
  • Items take valuable inventory space
  • The time and freight cost to count, pack and send the merchandise to another office
  • Tracking stock and allocating costs
  • Fragmented buying

How can you protect the integrity of your brand, especially when there are multiple entities creating reproductions in different colours, spacing, fonts, and inadvertently distorting the logo?

There is a solution!  Consider an online store for company authorised merchandise.  Using a password, your associates can order pre-approved printed material, on demand, without having to go through the approval process every time.

If you consider the amount of time spent reviewing and evaluating corporate products as your company grows, it can be staggering.  Especially when there are so many people who think it’s OK to print mugs, shirts or signs without understanding how to protect the brand and achieve consistency.

Setting up a corporate store is easy. Supply your logo, your PMS colour selections, any guidelines for using your logo, and the products your corporate store will offer.  You may also want to set up buying rules for the branches or field locations – how many they can order at one time, which items, who has authority to make changes, etc.  After you’ve set that up, the company store can be set up with multiple user names and passwords, and on a monthly basis, you will get a report of the ongoing status.  That’s it.  It’s efficient, saves time and expense, and you will also have an ongoing record of where your items are at any given time.

Now you can manage your brand, control your costs and manage the process!

  • Create brand consistency and gain tighter control of your brand identity across all your uniforms, stationery and promotional products
  • Save by removing warehousing costs and time for your staff to pick and dispatch orders to satellite locations.
  • Benefit from purchasing together
  • Gain speed, efficiency and transparency in managing your inventory with regular reporting
  • Structure the approval process to fit your company structure and choose a payment option that works for you
  • Select between storage and fulfilment, or a print on demand situation to suit your business plan and outlook

Whatever option you choose, having someone manage your branded collateral for you can create a stronger brand and save money in both the short and long term.

Corporate stores can be set up for many types of items, including:

  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Custom printed folders for presentations
  • Staff uniforms
  • Branded merchandise such as bags, caps, jackets and printed tees
  • Pull up banners and signage for trade shows
  • Giveaways such as pens or promotional items
  • Custom printed USB drives, power banks
  • And more!

With a corporate store your associates have access to items when needed, and you can control where the inventory is, as well as track who is ordering and where the items are going.

Call us now to create your online store!

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