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Are you looking for a response from your clients or prospective customers? Do you want people to sign up to your newsletter or visit your website? Try a quick response!

A QR (quick response) code is a square graphic packed with digital information, which can easily be read by a device (such as a camera on a smartphone) anywhere, anytime. Once read the QR code causes the device to load the data. If the data’s a URL, the web page will open providing direct access to key information.

For your business this provides an opportunity to uniquely position your brand or message directly in front of your target audience.  A QR code printed on t-shirts puts your message ‘on the move’, and on a pen or business card provides another unique talking point during an important business conversation. A QR code can be printed on nearly anything, in 2012 a large QR code was even created on a roof top of a building and can be seen from space! Where could you add your brand?Creating a QR code is easy, there are many free sites which help generate the visual code with your data. Other websites provide additional creative designs or QR code information tracking for an additional cost. Active Print can help with matching the right product and code generator for your needs ensuring the best result.

BTI QR code tote bag

Have you scanned a QR code, yet? It’s easy.
How to scan a QR code in three easy steps:
Step 1: Find a QR code you would like to scan.
Step 2: Use your smartphone to scan the code. (A free QR code app may be required to download, see below)
Step 3: Enjoy!

Why use a QR code?
to display your contact information or a link to a landing page or a video a coupon, a Google Maps location, a special offer or an mp3 download.
Use QR codes on stickers, trade show banners, dog tags, tee shirts, tote bags, hats, temporary tattoos or badges as a cost-effective call to action for your customers.

QR Codes in use

“We recently produced tote bags and sports polo’s printed using a bespoke QR Code. These have been well received and are a real talking point!   Having a QR code shaped to fit with our brand, in our case the apple, means that not only is our brand recognised but we can also direct people to our website or Facebook page – what’s more people love “scanning” them to see where they lead! It’s been great working with Active Print & Promotions on these items; the service is great and you can rely on them to give you great advice.

Wendy | Head of operational services | Bethlehem Tertiary Institute

BTI polo with QR code

Further resources

Further info on QR Codes

Create a QR code on these sites
http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ Free simple codes

Unique customised QR codes can be created at

Technical Detail
One of the beauties of QR codes is you can take users straight to the relevant page, however there is a catch that if your website page URL is too long, it makes the QR code excessively detailed and harder to scan, the URL shortener sites below could be helpful.
goo.gl click on “details”
bit.ly click on “info page.”

Download a QR code reader app
For iPhone:  Neoreader  Optiscan
For Android:  Barcode Scanner
For Blackberry:  Upcode  Beetagg
For Palm:  QR deCODEr

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