Sustainably Sourced Promotional Products

Environmental and sustainable concerns have raised interest in this very wide subject particularly in the corporate environment where the brands reputation is at stake. As businesses, we have an ethical responsibility to the wider community and to future generations to act prudently with our resources.

There is no commonly held standards for sustainability however Sustainable Sourcing includes social, ethical and environmental factors in the process of selecting suppliers.

Problems such as depletion of non-renewable resources, climate change, greed of capitalism, unsafe working conditions, child labour, growing landfill waste amongst others has bought sustainability to public attention.

In order to be a sustainable, businesses must take responsibility for what they purchase, the way their products and services are used and how things are disposed of. This includes; labour and human rights, health and safety, ethical business, environmental sustainability, risk management.

Sustainable promotional products

We have put together the following product ranges that are supported with social or environmental standards. Active Print & Promotion is able to supply these branded to your requirements.

Gildan and Anvil Clothing

View Gildan Products

AS Colour Clothing


View Bic Ecolutions range


View Leatherman products.

Biz Collection

Victorinox Knives

View Victorinox products.

Stanley Flasks

View Stanley products


Customised Merchandise and offshore production

Due to the very wide range of products, processes and factories involved, one cap does not fill all when promotional products are involved.

We use independent auditors when customising products to customer requirements in offshore factories. This service is available on request and can include onsite supplier audit, product inspections and laboratory tests.

Active Print & Promotion is also part of the Global Promotional Group, with access to proven suppliers worldwide.


Bamboozled by all the terms? Here is a handy glossary for your reference

Glossary of Terms