The Effects of Colour on Consumers Brand Retention

Bright and bold colours help brands to make a statement. This is an important factor to take into account when you are choosing your promotional materials and products.

What do the facts say about colour attraction?

Surveys done in the US showed that 80% of consumers think colour increases brand recognition. In a different survey it was found that 93% of buyers said they focus on visual appearance of a product, and 84.7% claim colour is the primary reason they make a purchase! Therefore, it is easy to see that colour is often the sole reason someone is attracted to a brand and promotional product.

Keep your Brand Consistent

Don’t forget to refer back to your brand guidelines to make sure the items you choose fit with your company’s tone of voice and the style of your brand. Don’t get the impression that you have to go bright to be bold. Black products can look stunning as promotional items as long as they have been branded correctly. Branding involves creating recognition with your target audience so you’ll need to keep it consistent to have the biggest effect on your customers.

PMS Colours on Promotional Products

Most products can be branded to the exact PMS colour of your logo, furthermore custom made promotional items can create a larger impression of seamless branding with the exact brand colour/s.

As the experts in this field we know how to create the exact colour, even when printing light colours onto dark products. Sometimes the only way to overcome this is to print in white first then go over it again with colour printing so the PMS shows through in the exact colour needed.

See our full chart of PMS colours that is available to print with. We have a huge range of coloured products to go with your logo and brand personality here on the Active Print website.