Top Promotional Product Trends for 2019!

Top Promotional Product Trends to Follow in 2019

The types of branded merchandise that companies seek out for these days are more than ever before, true reflections on today’s consumer market trends. The most popular promotional items shine in retail and as corporate giveaways which makes it more exciting than ever to be thinking about company branding.

As leaders in the Promotional Product industry, Active Print gets an inside look into which items are captivating the market and which products are the most effective. So without further delay, let’s dive into the top trends of the industry.

Reusable Tote Bags
These have become so trendy and ‘cool’ in the public eye recently, especially the bio-degradable and Eco-friendly varieties. With New Zealand taking action to ban all single use plastic bags, people are starting to view reusable bags as essential items and can’t get enough of them. Click here to see our range.

Mobile Phone Chargers
The tech trend is big at the moment, and dead Mobile phones are anathema to today’s always-connected customers. Phone chargers as promotional products have put brands right into their customers’ hands on a daily basis. With branding added these products always look cutting edge and the customer’s perceived value of them is higher! Click here to see our range.

Reusable Cups
Reusable cups have now taken over the single use takeaway cup, and the popular choice of materials have swung towards the more durable glass and aluminium options instead of plastic. This product has an indefinite life span which keeps your brand in the public arena for longer and also helps to reduce the use of single use takeaway cups that are thrown into landfill. Click here to see our range.

Charging Cables on Key Rings
Multi charging cables combines both connector types for phones and USB’s, just by simply turning the cable. These are very practical and help people to stay connected. This innovative product has a range of uses and is attractive to nearly everyone. Click here to see our range.

Fitness Trackers
Whether it’s a wrist watch fitness tracker or a clip-on fitness tracker these are an increasingly popular promotional product choice. Many organizations today are promoting healthy lifestyles and reaping the rewards of showing this interest in their audience’s welfare, as it is something that both employees and customers love to see. Click here to see our range.

One of the trends is reinventing the old standbys of the promotional product industry. Notebooks are one of the oldest and most popular promotional products and they are still going strong. Click here to see our range.

Pens that have the stylus on the end are making the typical promotional item popular again. When promotional products are useful, especially with multiple uses, they are more successful because they are kept for longer and valued by the recipients. Click here to see our range.

Lip balm
Lip balms as promotional products have become a favourite of many companies as they are incredibly useful. By offering a quality, personal care item to your audience, you place yourself in a position of confidence. We have found that these are great giveaways for businesses with heavy customer contact and non-profit organisations. Click here to see our range.

Wireless Earbuds and Headphones
One of the coolest promotional products currently has been Wireless Earbuds and Headphones. With Apple eliminating the earphone plug on the latest iPhones, it is clear that the future is becoming increasingly wireless! These items are lightweight and portable, but most importantly they are a great way to show off your brand or logo with a full colour digital imprint. These products make excellent corporate VIP gifts and have also been popular as employee on-boarding gifts. Click here to see our range.