What people say about Speed-Scale Rulers

We pride ourselves in giving great Customer Service and ensuring we are meeting our customers needs.

One of our specialised products is the Speed-scale Ruler which has been popular within the Architecture and Construction Industries.

Here what people say about the Speed-Scale Rulers.


“The Speed-Scale is an important tool for me”
Peter, flooring company, Northland


“I was given a Speed Scale ruler about three years ago. Since then it has lived in my pocket and I use it whenever I am in meetings discussing plans. The Speed Scale resolves everything. It is beautifully made and is a nice bit of kit, much admired.
Stuart, Property Developer, Nelson
“I just noticed that one of my colleagues had an extremely attractive scale rule with your branding on it.  Now I’m not one to get jealous or anything but there is only so many sleepless nights tossing and turning, craving that ruler I can take.  Would it be cheeky to ask for one of those amazing rulers of my own so I can get my sanity back? Could you please help me out – I’m desperate”

Matt, Sleep Deprived Architect
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