Where do Promotional Products fit in your Marketing Funnel?

The Marketing Funnel is a well-known guide to plan the path your prospects take towards closing the sale with you. There are a lot of different conceptions when it comes to the marketing funnel, but in general, we can divide it into three distinct phases which are to:

Introduce at the awareness stage,

Inform at the consideration stage, and

Convince at the conversion stage.

Marketing Funnel Concept

Now, let’s see how to incorporate your promotional product strategy to help you do your bidding at every stage of the ‘marketing funnel’! Branded gifts and promotional products can help to encourage the customer through the different phases of the funnel very effectively.

Awareness stage

In this stage, your customers are just learning their need for what your brand offers, promotional products help to keep your brand top of mind. This important if they are to come to you first and getting free stuff that is useful to them (relevant to your target audience) also gives them the impression that you really ‘get’ them and what they are about. It is a great way to introduce your company brand and boost awareness.

Promotional products are far more effective than TV advertising or other usual brand awareness marketing strategies in this stage of the funnel because they are tangible items. Just make sure that your promotional product strategy for 2019 aligns with the tone of your brand, keep it all consistent.

By giving products with your company’s brand on them, you are encouraging your audience to think of your offer in a brighter light than that of your competitors, even if it is just in their subconscious awareness.

Consideration stage

In the consideration stage the potential customer is getting fully informed about what your company and what the industry has to offer. At this stage of the marketing funnel, keeping customers thinking of your brand is hugely important for success. Promotional products can create positive engagement with your brand as well as feelings of gratitude towards you, and that’s going to ensure that they keep coming back to your brand.

Conversion stage

Customers need following up while they’re in the conversion stage so what better way to show that you care about their decision and are here for them every step of the way than to give them a gift. It illustrates that you put their needs first and are ready to look after them to the best of your ability. By doing this you are providing them with a positive customer experience, which in turn increases their brand loyalty.

Promotional products do so much more than the traditional forms of advertising and brand awareness strategies like online advertising or printed handouts. They make an interaction with a company feel personal, they engage the customer’s emotions, and they reinforce customer loyalty. They make dealing with your company fun and memorable, and they also have a high return on investment. They add value to your transactions with your clients and increase customer relationships by moving them from just ‘seeing’ your brand to feeling valued and cared for.

Everyone loves a gift, the secret to promotional product success is knowing your customers inside out! From there just choose the product that will have the most effect on YOUR customer for the budget you have allocated. Talk to Us about your clients’ needs and wants and the team here will put together some options of the best product solution to suit your requirements.