10 ways to use branded merchandise and promotional products

Giving a client or prospect a tangible branded item is a great way to get brand exposure. It’s marketing at it’s most basic form; it’s simple, yet effective. Your promo item will be a constant reminder to the recipient to contact you. It also gives them a positive feeling about your business. There are many opportunities to use promotional products in addition to just giveaways to get your brand in prospects hands. The following list gives you ten ways that you can use promotional products for a corporate promotion.

  1. trade show traffic – promotional pens, stress shapes, lanyards
  2. brand awareness – caps, beanies,
  3. bonus on purchase – situation dependent
  4. corporate gifts – Parker Pens, carving set,
  5. company pride – Soft-shell Jackets,
  6. safety rewards – safety products
  7. employee motivation – drink bottles, t shirts,
  8. supplier relationships – Christmas cake, confectionery
  9. sponsorship’s – Umbrellas, sports clothing, t shirts
  10. product launch – industry relevant ideas

Contact us and we can make some suggestions based on your event and target market profile.